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Islandmagee is a beautiful peninsula along the famous Northern Ireland Causeway Coastal Route , boasting the spectacular Gobbins cliff paths and home to a rich abundance of protected , red & amber listed marine mammals and bird life.


Families have been coming to the beaches and headland walks here for many years , basking in the knowledge that what we have is beautiful and untarnished , with a deep appreciation for the amazing array of wildlife that choose to live here .


However, this area is under threat and high risk due to the planned activities of an company who want to solution mine 7 caverns under Larne Lough to store gas and dump the waste into the sea where it will cause a benthic dead zone, and pose risk of hearing loss, death and displacement of numerous species.


Our community also have concerns about the numerous high risks & impacts regarding construction, noise , heavy goods traffic, blasting, pollution etc.


The Northern Ireland marine task force , a collaboration of 10 environmental organisations are opposed to this project and have many serious concerns about the impacts upon our wildlife.


Despite the eNGOs advise , concerns and objections , and our world being amid a climate and biodiversity crisis , Daera , Northern Irelands environmental agency, decided to grant a marine licence to this company and therefore , we are left with no option but to legally and lawfully challenge this decision. 


Legal challenges can become long , drawn out and substantially costly. Therefore we need to maintain and increase our fundraising efforts in line with these expenditures.


Thank you most sincerely for your interest and we truly hope you enjoy our NGC range of garments , with sustainably sourced high quality materials. 


Your purchases will provide funds towards our legal expenses .

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